Increase Cum cannot afford the time to collect and digest his information, to select Increase Cum the little ore from the quarry of documents, and then present in an artistic form the result of his Increase Cum researches. Professors of history who must employ their days by lecturing to and correcting the essays of pupils, live from the altar of history, but are almost never great and are never popular historians. The chief American and English historical writers of 1840 1890 were fortunate in another way of which Prescott took full advantage. They might dare to be interesting, to describe striking events with what eloquence they hadmale enhancement best command., and venture to dwell on the characters and fortunes of historical persons, famous or obscure. Science, through the lips of a hundred professors, did not then insist that historical writers must be dry, Increase Cum impersonal, impartial weighers of Increase Cum anise and cummin, students of economics. Scores of unread specialists were not lying in wait to pounce upon every Increase Cum slip, and blot out every touch of colour. Pg 656 Indeed, Mr. Froude could, and did, go as he pleased, and his most unfriendly critics d

id side effects of viril x natural male enhancement not know the Increase Cum period of Increase Cum which he wrote. Nobody, like Mr. Gardiner later, gave a whole year of Increase Cum study to the documents Increase Cum of a single year. Now accuracy passion pill is a precious thing, but historians who live in constant fear of rating x1 male enhancement making a slip have not hitherto produced books which stand high as literature, books which are read for human pleasure. Again, in Increase Cum the last golden age of history which was literature, the reading public, always a minute minority, was not wholly absorbed in new novels. Increase Cum Thus the historians of that time rse7en male enhancement reviews had many advantages, and they were men who deserved their oppor.tunities. Once more, when Prescott set to work, the States of Europemale enhancement best last began to permit men of letters to make free use of their collections of old public Increase Cum documents, letters, despatches, books of accounts, while the Royal Academy of Historymale enhancement best Madrid gave the greatest Increase Cum facilities to the assistants of Prescott, a favour denied, in the eighteenth century, to Dr. Robertson. The President of the Academy placed his rail male enhancement scam own fine collection of documentsmale enhancement best the disposal of the American hi

Increase Cum

storian, Increase Cum as did Sir Thomas Phillipps in England, and the archives of Mexico were opened to him, while he read, of course, through the remarkable book composed, after the Conquest, from the evidence of Increase Cum the learned Aztecs, by Sahagun and the delightful chronicle of one of the conquerors, Bernal Diaz. New materials may since have come to light, but Prescott, rejoicing in the rich mine of true romance writing with zest and spirit and wide erudition, produced his two books on the two great adventures of Cortes and Pizarro in such a form Increase Cum that his works cannot be superseded. It is s.aid by an American critic that the Imperial palaces which he saw in an imagination kindled by that of the Spanish conquerors have dwindled to large communal houses inhabited by barbarians, Increase Cum and that he lived too early to make use of the results of arch Increase Cum ological research. But any one who looksmale enhancement best the scanty relics of ancient Anahuac in the British Museum knows what kind of barbarians produced such objects of art. Moreover, the Spaniards came from a land of palaces, the land of the Alhambra, and of glorious cathedra

ls it is not Increase Cum possible to believe that they were deceived, and Increase Cum described Pg 657 Aztec buildings as palaces, while what testosterone boosters do they were merely long houses like those of the Iroquois. This appears to the writer to hcg complex amazon be a vain imagination, and the works of Prescott, though romantic, are not romances. John Lothrop Motley. The chief historical writers of the United States occur male enhancement coach big al in a group, between the years of Macaulay and Froude. One of the Increase Cum most popular, and deservedly popular, is John Lothrop Motley 1814 1877. He chose neither American nor English history fo.r his theme, Increase Cum but, in selecting the viq male enhancement pills Dutch Republic, found a topic exciting to republicans in one country and to Protestants and friends of Freedom s cause in both. Increase Cum Motley, who was born near Boston, had a father of substantial wealth who liked literature. He went to Harvard, and then studiedmale enhancement best Berlin and G ttingen, where he became the Increase Cum friend of the great Bismarck. Like Macaulay, Hallam, and others, he spent Increase Cum his leisure in the most intellectual society, dillons male enhancement whether abroad or in America, and in constant touch with men of literary genius, Lowell, Holmes,