Penile Traction on t want any accidents in the sugar workshop. The general manager is listening to it. I will give you a bottom, and the production of sugar workshops will not increase. The general manager s mouth was so wide that he could stuff it into an egg. He said Small god doctor, three pounds of snowflake candy Penile Traction is one or two silver, but it is the silver of white flowers. As long as you add a kilogram of snowflake sugar every day, you can sell it. Three hundred and two silver, if it is five thousand pounds, it is one thousand five hundred and two silver, and more than 40,000 silver in one month. You didn t throw away the cost. Even if you throw away Penile Traction the cost, the net profit will have more than Penile Traction 20,00.0 yuan and two silver dollars. One year is 240,000 yuan. Days, twenty four thousand yuan a year, not to mention him, even Yan Wang Zhou Bing, can not ignore. This is just an increase in production, not Penile Traction counting the original production. Snowflake candy, amazing profits, too much to make money The excitement Penile Traction of the general manager Penile Traction s breathing is rushing. Unfortu

nately, these days, his heart always jumps too fast, will not Penile Traction be excited to die, and he will have reviews foods for male enhancement size to find a little doctor to open some medicine. Li Ruyi let the general manager drink a cup of tea, and calmly explained his patience Penile Traction Our snow sugar retail is Penile Traction targeted at wealthy steward male enhancement people, the market can not be saturated, and it is impossible to cut prices. We have to let the Penile Traction rich feel that having snowflake candy is a symbol of identity. As a producer, if we increase production, it will cause the price to drop. The consequence of the decline is that profits are reduced and the interests of us and the vendors are impaired. male enhancement surgery houston What we want is Penile Traction not small profits but quick turnover. Snowflake sugar has to becom.e free trial male enlargement pills a rare luxury food. Luxury food is her positioning of snowflake best hgh booster candy. It is spring, and the monthly sales volume is 45,000 kilograms of snowflake candy. Waiting until the summer, presumably snowflake sugar has been transmitted to the major cities of Da Zhouguo and even abroad, the demand will increase, but the weather is hot, Penile Traction snowflake sugar is not e

Penile Traction

Penile Traction asy to store, the production of the workshop will be reduced. Wait until autumn and winter, and then increase the output. This is the average for the whole year, and the sales volume per quarter is 135,000 kilograms. The cost per kilogram of snowflake sugar is calculated in many places, 80 copper coins, and the wholesale price is about 170 yuan. Penile Traction The net profit per quarter is 22,950 yuan. If you count the five hundred pounds of snowflake sugar Penile Traction stored for emergency every day, Penile Traction a quarterly savings emergency of 45,000 kilograms, a net profit of 7650 two silver. The above two items together, the sugar workshop averages a net profit of 30,600 yuan per quarter. In just one quarter, sugar Penile Traction workshops can earn back.the cost of building workshops and feed thousands of people with surplus. She has already considered Penile Traction this account for a long time, and she is calm and comfortable. The general housekeeper drank a cup of tea, the old slave was taught. Being taught, like to understand, many words are heard for the first time. I feel in my heart Xiao Shen doctor is

only 11 years old, younger than Penile Traction my grandson, and I am much stronger in business than my old man who has been in business for decades. It s really more 2018 male enhancement people than people. This remark made him think Penile Traction about it for a few days after he went back. When he thought about it, he had a feeling of broad eyedness. This is something. Zhao maximize male enhancement Shi heard that the general affairs of the three major workshops came again. Together with the banquets held these days, I heard that the price of snowflake sugar that my family can eat every day is very expensive. top usa made all natural male enhancement pill I can hapenis male enhancement t understand it. When Li Ruyi came over, please ask Ang s words Snowflakes Sugar is so Penile Traction good, how do you hand it over to the three workshops A few hundred pounds of copper.coins, a dozen times Penile Traction more expensive than tofu, profits do not have to know very large. Tofu is so hard, Zhao also feels distressed Lishan brothers, if you xxx explosion male enhancement can do snowflake sugar sales, do not work hard to Penile Traction earn more, one Penile Traction month earned a year to earn. Li Ruyi asked Mother s meaning is that I should hand the snow candy to the original tofu room