Penis Extender it of their individual hopes and ambitions, wounding and bruising each other with cruel unconcern. Our experience has taught us that this unhappy social condition is entirely Penis Extender due to the crude and imperfect stage of your development. Each of your new epochs brings some approach towards a better Penis Extender terrestrial life but you have not fairly considered nor.endeavored to surmount the chief obstacle to your progress in that direction. You have not yet learned to deal justly with Pg 103 one another. By your system of unequal Penis Extender advantages, one class is permitted, and even encouraged, to prey upon another one. One or more of you will enter upon a scheme of personal gain without the slightest concern for its effect upon others. You have permitted, from time to time, the passage of laws having a direct and unmistakable tendency to throw your wealth into the hands of a few, and as a consequence, to increase the hardships of the many. Your generation exults over all preceding ones in its progress in science and knowledge but even that has not served to Penis Extender soften or remove the asperities of your lives, for the Penis Extender reason that most of the a

vailable material of this new advance has been prostituted Penis Extender to serve the interests of the few. african rhino male enhancement The best products for men growth of your social betterment rests almost entirely upon the total of over the counter sex enhancement pills your disciplined thought, yet by your methods, correct thinking is the rarest thing among you. Penis Extender Your social field, ins.tead of being evenly stirred and seeded, is Penis Extender cultivated in spots and patches. Even your knowledge has been converted into a weapon of tyranny and oppression, and it is oftener pursued in the love of self than for the benefit of kind. Out of the helplessness of your neglected and unfavored masses, come the greater Pg 104 number of your individual Penis Extender accumulations of wealth. In our stage of progress such a state over the counter pills for erection of things is Penis Extender impossible. The performance of an act inflicting injury or even discomfort upon pro t plus male enhancement one or more fellow beings in our Penis Extender society, Penis Extender brings its punishment in the general condemnation and disgrace which follows. Active benevolence, which is with you an impulse, sporadic and exceptional, is with us an ever present emotion, and upon it we have founded the chief pleasures of life. We have no eleemosynary establishments, because t

Penis Extender

hey are not needed. There can be no suffering from destitution among us, since each person finds in his own surroundings the ready, helping hand. No neglected orphan wanders about uncared for, because each family finds its ple.asures increased by the opportunity to bestow shelter. Each dwelling is open to all, and no assuring salutation is needed to welcome the visitor. He enters the house of the stranger, as the stranger would enter his, by the right of the universal brotherhood which prevails. The love Penis Extender of our kind forms the corner stone of our single religion, just as the like Penis Extender is made the foundation upon which your many creeds are built. But while your religious teachings have brought no great fruits, ours Pg 105 have yielded a harvest of glorious consequences. If it will interest you, I shall tell you why. CHAPTER IV. At the Penis Extender dawn of, and during the first stages of their Penis Extender civilization, the people of the Earth found themselves surrounded with natural forces which, in their scant knowledge of the laws of the universe, were ascribed to the arbitrary and willful caprices of a Penis Extender great hidden being. Penis Extender They found a mysteri

ous power above them, and everywhere an overwhelming evidence of design. The unthinkable wolf male enhancement pills and unknown character of the infinite and eternal was not then acknowledged.and the failure of any to explain this unseen intelligence and power incited their imaginations to do for them what the closest investigation had failed to accomplish. As may have been expected, they clothed Penis Extender their imaginary stamina fuel male enhancement reviews for premature ejaculation deity with the qualities, propensities, Penis Extender and passions of themselves. Any violent convulsion of nature was taken by them as a certain sign Penis Extender of z male enhancement his anger while the normal Penis Extender state of rest, and the undisturbed processes of animal and vegetable development and growth were looked upon as concessions in their dr emma hcg diet plan Penis Extender special favor. From a belief in the supervision Pg 107 of the deity over every single one of the innumerable processes of nature, they naturally imbibed Penis Extender the idea that they each were objects of his personal dragonfly male enhancement pills watchfulness and attention, and as a consequence, that Penis Extender all the fortunes and v